Online is our passion.


Pacote specialises in Digital Strategy and Content Creation.

Working with our floating network of creatives and freelances, we cater individual packages to our clients needs. That could be anything from a social media campaign for a new film, to a video about a Stradivarius or a food-events-portrait photography package for a restaurant.

We can help you plan online campaigns and the logistics of your online presence.

We work from our sunny studio in Peckham, South London. The space can be used for photo shoots and video making. We have all the necessary equipment and an excellent range of herbal teas.



Giovana Ruaro-Lane
Partner, Digital Strategist and Producer

Daniel Lane
Partner, Photographer and Videographer



Our Network of Creatives and Freelancers

Ruskin Kyle
Videographer, Video Editor

Kate Tartsus
Video Editor, After Effects


Felipe Kussik
Designer & Front-end Developer

Ron Yeadon
Video & Photography

Jo Boissevain

Rupert Burnham
Copywriter, Narrator


Nuno Papp
Fashion Photographer

Irina Higginson
Digital Strategist

Oliver Julian